Monday, November 13, 2017

Lesson Plan with Me: Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, it is time for all those turkey songs and more pumpkin songs!  I love the festiveness of each holiday, it is so important to teach the how music is incorporated with traditions, though I want to keep my kiddos on track.  I try to still stay true to what we are focusing on while also having some fun!  Here is two lesson ideas I have planned for this thankful season :)

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Super Turkey 

This song is just for pure fun!  I sing it once a year with just about everybody!  Depending on the year and group of students, I might not with fifth and sixth, a little too cool for school!  But for the most part, they love it! This is one of those rare songs that we sing just to sing.  No game or instruments with this one.  Just sharing the joy of singing a hilarious song.  

I have looked for original source of this song and I can't seem to find it!  It's a mystery!  If any of you do know please tell me!  I just came across a powerpoint with the lyrics.  If you google "super turkey song powerpoint" the first link will lead you to it.  It does say by Anne Lyon, which I am assuming is a music teacher, though I can't find her online. I did some more investigating and I found some youtube videos of the tune. 

This awesome teacher and student duo do a great job.  I used this as inspiration, though I sing it a little bit different. 

A Pumpkin Ran Away 

This song is about a pumpkin who rolled away so he would not become pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day!  An adorable song! You can click the above picture to check it out!

So this is were I mentioned, that I wanted to stay true to what my students are working on.  While it is great to celebrate the holidays, sometimes I have found that I get behind in content when including all the fun holiday songs.  Not with this one!  Fourth grade had some seasonal fun while practicing dotted half note! 

Here is how I used it: 

To introduce dotted half note

Break down what a dot beside a note does

Boomwhacker Melody and Accompaniment Fun



If you have ever heard of One, Two, Three, O'leary, the game works perfectly with the song! It goes along with the idea that the pumpkin is trying to roll away!  I even have seen pumpkin playground balls out there, that would be so cool with this!  Maybe I can find some for next year ;)  

What do you have planned for the Thanksgiving season?  I would love to hear about it!