Who am I? (Zoolander...anybody?)

I am a newish (thats a word, right? ;) music teacher just trying to figure it out!  I teach k-6 general music and choir.  I enjoy making everything pretty and cute.  I always have a debate with myself at school, "Do you really need to take the time to cuteify this worksheet?" the answer is always yes! Technology is another fav! Apple has me wrapped around their little finger.  I get one gadget then I need another!  I play the upright bass which always makes me feel pretty cool.  I have no shame in admitting that but actually that probably makes me a big dork...but thats fine with me.  

What Will you Find on this Blog? 

If you are just starting out teaching and would like to come along for the ride by all means please do! The more the merrier, we can help each other. Or maybe you are not so new to teaching and would like to see what ideas I fresh graduate can come up with.  I promise this will be interesting for all parties involved! 

Seriously though...blogs by amazing music teachers have been my number one source of inspiration in the grueling, but also fun, first years of teaching.  I am taking it one step further now and creating my own!  In this blog I will, (fingers crossed!) provide some ideas, collaborate, and give a new teacher perspective and spin on teaching elementary music.  

Sometimes it takes a village (or a very nice music teacher blog community) to learn how to teach some wonderful music to some pretty awesome kids! 

Glad you are here :) 


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